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Tillo Detige currently teaches Sanskrit and Hindi at CERES, where he is also completing his doctoral research project 'Eternal Salutations: Memorials of Digambara Jaina Ascetic Lineages from Western India', which investigates the history of Digambara Jaina ascetic lineages in early modern Western India. He works with manuscript as well as epigraphic and material sources, and has performed several months of field work, surveying Digambara ascetics’ funerary monuments and visiting Digambara temples throughout the region. In 2022, he worked on the CERES CRC Metaphors of Religion, subproject ‘The Human Body as Metaphor of the Divine: Anthropomorphism in South Asian Religious Traditions’. His further interests include Jain ritual, Theravādā meditation, South Asian, narrative, ritual, and meditative practices as technologies of the self, and the entanglement of practices of emancipation and subjugation.


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